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Colpaerfs talk Preceded the , raising1 exercises which followed -during the playing of the Star ' Spangl-d Panner. Nearly son peo'Ide took part in the parade which ; mari.

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When taken to th" police station and asked where he got the "load" he mentioned th' name of a saloon. Kline, when further questioned, is said to have admitted that there were at P-ast lb", men drinking at the bar when he was engaged in "tanking up. He wasn't asked were lie got the liquor.

Monica's 'at holic church are making arrangements tor a bazar to be given ot. The affair will be held in the old church building, at 11" W. Mishawaka :,v is being made on committee in char: and every effort the part of th to make it excell any of the previous ones held. Th' proceeds will be for the benefit i f the parish. An interesting program will l-e carried out and various booths such as candy, aprons. A door J giv en away each j TO P.

I Pan ris- of llshed. Joseph's Cathol t hut ch sjunday, for tb. The marriage 'Ct. The Missionary society of the Christian church will me. Wit wir.

Mill st. The ladies are re. Home cominp day at the christian ; church Sunday was hy all odds the j greatest event in the history ol the local body. All erices. In the mornin? Harney, who was pastor here when the present building was erected, delivered a masterly sermon on "Conservation. Following the sermon special music was rendered by the ladies quartet, and a solo by Miss Miller, Port Wayne.

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After this service a splendid dinner was served hy tho Indies' Aid society. Yietrola music of a scared nature was played, line jsvnnons.. Van Winkle, another former pastor, delivered a stirring sermon on the "'Church After the! The Half-way church would never live, he declared. In the evening another great service resulted.

Palmont who sang in several languages. Pity Atty. Jernegan and Mr. Stevens were authorized to take up with the railroad company the matter of a verbal agreement centered into several years ago with the city to open Short st. A petition from property owners asking that a street light be placed at P. Fifth st. Kline of the water works. Movement was made to adopt the assessment roll on two alleys running north and ' south and east and west in Tollieu's j addition to he vacated.

A hearing , ; win lie granreu remonu aiors ui uie meeting of the board to be held Oct.

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City Engineer Stevens was instructed to connect Mishawaka a. Contractor Poolittle was directed to remove the bathing equipments at Merrified av. Grace Turner l t-vTii. George R. Albert "Weiss. Tyler, Mrs. Ralph Jernegan. Rorley, Mrs.

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A reception win be given to Mrs. Sixth has sent home :, ; Kilver medal which he ai'tnt I fo; j first honor at the Ne. Id ;art:i-' pateel in the "F:. The f. Iunhiotte, proprietors of tlu theater, sutured a severe accident to his throat when the mouth-piece pierced the tissues. His patents were called from the orchestra and had the lad removed to St. Joseph's hospital, where an operation was ne essary.

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He is doin:? Younc, e. He pleaded guilty. Young has been up three times on a similar charge, the last time having been in November of last year. He explained to the court that he had made earnest efforts to resist temptation and was given a light fine by Citv JuUe F ig in considerj ation of his attempt. Eaton, mayor: William V. Huges, clerk; Poland P. Hildebrand, councilman-at-large; Clyde Cox, councilman-at-large: j Fharles M. McCoy, j councilman fourth ward; Andrew. Snyder, councilman fifth ward.

Herbert Rryan. Saturday evening. A bountiful i country supper was served. Covers: were laid for 27 guests. Music and i games were. Rryan was a member J of the Euphemia cla: moved from the city. Mary Miles Minter, the winsome favorite of the pcreen, wil appear today at the Temple theater in "Perwinkle" in live acts. Tomorrow Evelyn Nesblt and son, Russe'l Thaw, will be the attraction, appearing in a six-act drama entitled "Redemption". K AKKi:sTi:i. City Judge Ralph Feig issued a warrant Monday morning for the arrest of Victor Michalolf, fruit vender, for selling unwholesome foodstuffs.

The charge was preferred against him by Charles I? The case will come up Tuesday morning. MiTs roxi. Frank Russi, the foreigner arretted some time ago on a grand larcenv charge has refault. On the dav set for Iiis trial he fuib-d! I to appear, having explained to his 1 attorney that he desired to scour.

He has not be-n s. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Akshay Kumar braves extreme cold for Canada Olympics race When the Black Swordsman questioned him on his own status, Heathcliff revealed he would have to remain in Aincrad to abide by his own rules.

A Second Chance A reception win be given to Mrs. Prosenjit's father Biswajit once portrayed Netaji! Prosenjit wanted to make a film on Bhawal Sanyasi in Hindi?

Akki Braves & Second True Love

Hemanta Mukhopadhyay had left his engineering studies for music! Did you know Sargun Mehta took music classes as a child? Did you know Bollywood actor Chandrachur Singh did a Punjabi movie? Did you know that child artist Yash Khond lost 10 kg for his debut film 'Khichik'?

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