Baby Boomers Facing The World Age- Discrimination- Employment

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The oldest boomers begin turning 68 next year, when they will exceed full retirement age for even the youngest of their generation.

Yet many remain on the job and have pushed back their target date for calling it quits. About half of the oldest boomers, born in , have left their employer for good, according to a MetLife report. John the Baptist Church in Madison, Ala.

5 Tips for Baby Boomers Facing Tech Layoffs

A former quality manager at Toyota and an Air Force consultant, Mr. Adair said. You could hit the ground running. Adair, who is 71 and has neatly clipped gray hair. Older workers are much more likely to wrestle with prolonged joblessness than younger ones, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On average, a year-old job hunter will be unemployed for nearly a year. Repeated inquiries can go unanswered, like space probes lost in a distant galaxy. In general, the older they were, the fewer callbacks they got.

53% of Baby Boomers Say They Experienced Age Discrimination in Hiring - Small Business Trends

It is toughest for women, who suffer more age discrimination than men starting in their 40s, the researchers found. Neumark said. As for Mr. Each time, they advised that an individual lawsuit would not be worth the legal costs. Then you get mad. Hiring complaints and lawsuits are rarely filed because they are difficult to prove and the cost is high, said Robert E. To bring a case against Seasons 52, a national restaurant chain, Mr.

Weisberg said, the commission looked to establish a pattern of bias over a period of years by combining statistical analyses with testimony from applicants. The agency examined whether the chain could have hired so few applicants 40 or older if there had been no age discrimination, and calculated the odds at less than one in 10,, according to court documents.

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The commission also collected affidavits from applicants at 35 restaurants. My opinion but what do I know, I am over I was caught in 2 mergers and lost my job both times…I have started up a small business to try to get IT projects and focusing my skills on Cloud technology. I thought it was just me but now I see that it is my age… I think my biggest concern here is why is this normal…. GD-scrooges give a happy new year present to you and yours. I have been involved in 8 mergers in my 32 yrs.

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The last about a year ago which was hostile and the company came in and laid off several of us who were over 40 in one swoop. I do know 15 languages, have been a everything in the food chain from a hardcore developer to a CTO and have worked at Fortune 50s all the way down to startups in 7 business sectors as well as having owned 3 businesses myself. I have been interviewing since June and constantly make it to the on-site interview with either the CEO or the CTO but I get a pass and the consistent perspective seems to be I have more experience than the people who are interviewing my and I feel that intimidates them.

Maybe I should wire up with the people on this thread because together we could probably form a heck of an LLC. Sometimes it seems that the value earned via experience and nimbleness over numerous industries is grossly underestimated by the less experienced narrowly focused hiring managers of today. Why do they fear hiring a few gray-hairs who might actually contribute more than their younger candidates since little or no training would be required?

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After over 30 years of IT and Telecom expertise, and an MBA, suddenly some kid right out of undergrad is more qualified than me! Age 55 is too young to retire and too old for IT.

Baby Boomers: Get Ready To Job Hunt In 12222

I actually entered the IT world at the ripe old age of 45 in when Visual Basic and Delphi were the hot technology. I managed to get a job with a big insurance Co in However, I realised, that once the all things MS boom was over that the industry would rapidly revert to kids only. So no overseas travel, no new house.

I paid of this one and saved for an early retirement knowing it would inevitably happen. Why companies dont hired the MOST qualified candidate today.

My comments and to why this happening…. Sometimes it seems that the value earned via experience and nimbleness over numerous industries …..