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The results? A lot of energy spent, little distance traveled. Sometimes, leaders mistakenly feel that if their people row hard enough with one oar, the other will come along with it. We recently worked with a large technology company that had just acquired its formidable competitor.

To the employees of both companies, the acquiring company effectively communicated the steps of the acquisition, the reason behind it, and the actions that would need to take place over the subsequent months. Employees clearly understood that their minds and hands would be required to make the integration process a smooth one, and they knew that it was financially beneficial for the company overall. On paper, everything looked solid. Yet the integration was failing miserably.

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It became apparent that, while minds and hands were active, hearts and spirits were stagnant. When we surveyed employees, we learned that although they were acting, they were not feeling. In short, the company had failed to gain buy-in. Though the process was very solid and clearly outlined, the acquiring company had failed to see that nearly a quarter of its people felt that the integration process would most likely result in the loss of their jobs.

Only one other difference was noted in the head dissections. A muscle called the retractor anguli oculi lateralis RAOL , which pulls the eyelids out towards the ears, was less prominent in wolves than dogs.

The Siberian husky, one of the most ancient breeds, was the only dog found to lack the RAOL muscle, according to the report in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. After establishing that dogs and wolves have different muscles around the eyes, the researchers filmed the animals to see how their expressions varied.

They filmed nine wolves in two different animal parks, and 27 dogs, mostly Staffordshire bull terriers, in shelters across the UK. The specialist recorded when the animals made the puppy dog eyes expression, and rated its intensity on a five-point scale. Dogs pulled the doleful face far more frequently than wolves, but the most striking finding was the intensity of the expressions.

Giving girls a chance: a new index capturing adolescent vulnerability in Uganda

The look has a real impact. In a previous study , Waller showed that the more dogs deployed the expression, the faster they were rehomed from shelters. You also get two of his ebooks included with your workshop fee. Two full days covering all aspects of street photography and the best NYC guide you can ask for! Get more info about the street photography workshop with James.

“Capturing Kids’ Hearts” Session An Aid In Child Development at Tyler ISD

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