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Abney repeatedly advises Stephen to take care and shut his bedroom window at night. He explains that the time of year was considered by the ancients to be critical for the young. One day, after Stephen has a particularly uneasy night, Mrs.

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Bunch finds his nightdress torn. There are long parallel slits on the left side of the chest. Stephen cannot explain the slits but tells Mrs. Bunch that there are similar scratches on the outside of his bedroom door. Bunch goes to look at the door. The marks, which are too high up to have been made by an animal, look like fingernail scratches.

She advises Stephen not to say anything to Mr. Abney and to lock his door at bedtime. The following evening, Stephen is in Mrs. Not realizing Stephen is there, the butler begins to complain about the wine cellar. He is disturbed by noises coming from the far storage room. Bunch points out that there are rats. Parkes replies that, if those are rats, they must be the kind that can talk.

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Bunch protests that he is frightening Stephen, and Parkes finally becomes aware of the child. Stephen asks questions but Parkes will not say any more on the subject. On March 24, Mr. Abney speaks to Stephen after lunch and asks him to come to his study at pm. He wishes to show Stephen something important connected with his future life, and tells Stephen not to mention it to anyone else. That evening, Stephen sees his uncle in the library. There is a silver cup filled with red wine and some sheets of paper on the table.

Abney is sprinkling some incense on a brazier from a silver box.

Stephen goes up to his bedroom unseen. The night is still and there is a full moon. He hears strange cries from time to time, not quite like owls or water birds, from across the pond. They seem to come closer and closer, but then the cries stop. Then Stephen sees a boy and a girl standing on the terrace along the side of the Hall. The girl reminds Stephen of the figure in the bath he saw in his dream. She stands half smiling, with her hands over her heart. The boy, thin and in ragged clothing, raises his arms in a gesture of hunger and longing.

His nails are fearfully long, and on the left side of his chest is a gaping rent. Stephen hears, not with his ears but in his brain, those desolate cries he heard earlier. Then the boy and the girl noiselessly move away and disappear. It is now nearly eleven. Stephen, although quite frightened, decides to go down to Mr. He knocks on the door but receives no reply. He hears his uncle speaking. Then he hears him trying to cry out and choking. In the silence that follows, Stephen frantically pushes open the door.

Later at the inquest, the coroner concludes Mr.

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Abney was killed by a wild animal that entered the study through the open window. Abney was found in his chair with a terrible laceration on his chest exposing the heart, and his expression was frozen in a mixture of rage, fear, and horrible pain. There was no blood on his hands or on the knife that lay on the table. Some years later, Stephen Elliot studies Mr. Through his studies of ancient texts, Mr.

Abney had become convinced that one could gain supernatural powers — such as the ability to fly or become invisible — by consuming the hearts of three human beings below the age of twenty-one. The hearts were to be removed from living victims, reduced to ashes, and mixed with red wine. Abney chose children who would not be missed.

Ghost Stories for Christmas - Lost Hearts

The first heart was removed from a gipsy girl on March 24, , and the second from a wandering Italian boy on March 23, Abney chose Stephen as the third subject in his experiment. He hoped to gain powers to enable him not only to escape from justice but also to defeat death itself. Abney believed them incapable of harming him. It first aired on British television on December 25, The movie features hurdy-gurdy music, and the ghost of the boy is seen playing the instrument.

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To actually say what happens is to reveal a few spoilers, but it is delightfully gory and reveals why the child ghosts haunt Aswarby Hall. It also makes Stephen appreciate their presence that bit more. The mind boggles as to how the original s version of Lost Hearts trumps this one in terror values. It would take a lot to top this. I wonder if the same happens to Stephen?

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Lost Hearts

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