Mama Sarah Obama: Home Cooking Recipes

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. I despise, and am terrible at, handwork—any of that beautiful stuff you turn out so well. The peach sandie crumble and raw tomato sauce both recently blew my mind. And probably with one down my bra. Thanks, Deb, for all you do! My cooking nemesis? Pretty much the only thing I remember from grade 8 cooking class was that we had to make baked Alaska.

And for years and years this struck me as the most useless skill to teach a bunch of 13 year olds. But now, after reading this, I might need to dust off that skill because this just looks yummy. For the record, my favorite thing to cook is dessert, but I rarely do it especially now that I have kids. My most recent cooking ventures have been in figuring out how to cook meals for toddlers that I will also like that involve a minimum of effort and the fewest number of dirty dishes. Congratulations on turning 10! I am a 25 year old person who has always had a leaning towards baking since teen-hood but never had any parental guidance in the kitchen, but all the freedom to do whatever I wanted regardless of how terrible it turned would turn out I.

Smitten kitchen was the first website that I felt I could read, understand, and maybe make a good meal out of. It gave me way more confidence in the kitchen and I am infinitely grateful. I have been a loyal follower since circa and have never looked back — thank you Deb! So awesome, and you totally won Dinner with Son no offense to the hubby. Mediocre cyclist and triathlete, champion eater, curious home cook. I so appreciate your simple instructions, your fearlessness and lack of apology in making a recipe even easier than its original instructions may have requested, and the variety of seasonal options you post.

My favorite things to cook are those that look way more complicated than they actually were — various roast chicken recipes, bar desserts — that feed an army and please the crowd.

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Least favorite things to cook: anything that requires more than 3 bowls for prep. Congrats on 10 years, and thanks for everything so far! Cheers to that! I went home, checked out your blog, went back, bought your book, and have been a faithful follower of the blog ever since. I love your writing, and your recipes have appeared on the table for every day meals, sports events, potlucks and celebrations. Thank you so much — looking forward to your 20th gulp! I have been reading for a lot of those 10 years — to sure how long exactly other that it was quite a while before kid 1.

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I am a 57 year old scientist with two teen boys 17 and 14 who eat a lot. Live in Boston. Love to cook and am always having people over. I am a vegetarian who cooks meat for friends — like your site because I have tried enough of your recipes to know that they will be great. I like the pictures and your instructions and I just like all of the little day to day stuff you mention along the way!

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  5. Hi Deb! A very happy 10 years to you and this blog. The raspberry buttermilk cake was my go-to cake this whole summer for breakfast, for dessert, for afternoon get-togethers. But usually I declare it as such in a fit of frustration and then eat it anyway because of all that hard work. Definitely worth wasting time…um, getting educated…oh heck, just being entertained with.

    So there. A long time reader who basically learned to cook between you and all of Good Eats being up for free on Youtube. A fellow New Yorker with a major food allergy. I throw in just about anything else as long as it has the tomatoes and lentils. Or carrot cake, carrot cake is great. Thank you for ten wonderful years of smitten kitchen.

    I probably started reading your blog in ? And your pie crust is always my go-to. When I was nervous to make my first pie, your step-by-step pie posts were a huge help. It was a huge pro for my current boyfriend that, when we met, he already knew who Deb was. Anyways — thank you! I used to only believe in meat and potatoes and was SO picky and didnt cook. I think possibly the first recipe I made from this blog was the peanut butter chocolate cake which I made for about 10 people and it looked like a ridiculous mess and I was so embarrassed, but the TASTE was amazing.

    So I read all your cake tips and made it again a few days later and forced more people to eat it and my pride was salvaged a bit. Probably my favorite recipes of yours are the roasted carrot, farro, tahini salad from the cookbook, your sizzling fajitas, and green bean tomato salad with almond pesto.

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    But seriously.. I could go on and on. I love to try new recipes, but those are on repeat. When I married my husband 7 years ago, he never, ever ate any vegetables, now he eats everything and even requests a lot of our vegetarian meals. Oh, also the wild rice soup with blue cheese toasts, oh my and the raspberry buttermilk cake.

    Thank you for always making it seem possible to make complicated food, and making me laugh on a regular basis.

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    Happy anniversary!!!!! Happy Anniversary! I visit countless food blogs from my home laptop and you and David Leibovitz are my 2 favorites. Thank you!

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    I remember that! A brownie base is a genius idea. And that video is totally priceless. In middle school home ec we make baked Alaska, and my disappointment when we baked them in the oven, instead of a brandy flambe, was palpable. I stumbled upon you by accident.

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    I enjoy your company. And my favorite recipe to eat after cooking is pasta with asparagus, prosciutto, and smoked mozzarella. Plus lots of garlic and basil. Om nom nom. Also love farfalle with tarragon, basil, lemon, peas, and ricotta salata epicurious. Also to eat, just about anything with avocado. Toast usually is awesome, chilaquiles are pretty good. Huevos rancheros with the roasted jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions. And chocolate chip cookies. This post made me laugh because, for some reason, Baked Alaska was set firmly in my mind as a child as The Most Wondrous Thing.

    The fact that my two favorites of your savory recipes—the scalloped tomatoes and the leek toasts—did not make the top 10 makes me ask myself two questions. They are missing greatness. Must try these others stat!