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She held up a hand, and I knew there was no talking to her tonight.

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Why should I continue to fight? The burst of cold air rocked the restaurant, making us both shiver and whip our heads towards the open front door. There stood a hooded man covered with snow. He was stamping his feet and cursing the weather under his breath. Then I noticed the small, snow-covered bouquet he held in his hands. It was him, it was Kevin. I almost jumped out of my chair, but something inside me said to sit and wait, to let things happen naturally. Ginger sat next to me sipping her Coke. I could tell she was about to leave. I overheard the manager talking to Kevin.

The snow caught everyone off-guard, and it was a parking lot out there. It pulsed with excitement, and so did my heart. She turned, smiled, and bounced out of the stool. I watched breathlessly.

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Ginger smiled and grabbed the bouquet from Kevin. She buried her nose in the flowers and pulled out the card. He was still standing in front of her, staring at her with wide eyes. Reading the card, she froze, obviously not expecting what was written. I remembered it clearly, since it was from me. Ebooks

It read, Look up to see your future; there was always only One. Brandi Schmidt lives outside St. Louis with her husband, three beautiful children, and one loveable Golden Retriever. She is in love with love and admittedly cries at anything sappy. She graduated from Washington University with a BA in Biomedical Engineering Science, but soon found statistics and facts were too confining for her creative mind. Thus, writing became her release into a new and wonderful world of words. Thanks for stopping by today, Brandi. I wish you the very best with the release of The Kindling!

He has seven true crime books available in eBook, paperback and audiobook formats. Pete vows his alliance with Luciano is strictly related to business, that he is not and never will be a gangster. However, in the fall of , he finds his stellar reputation, successful business, and budding political career facing ultimate ruination with his secret allegiance on a head-on collision course with exposure. Backed into a corner, Pete is faced with becoming something he vowed he never wanted to be; a real gangster.


Please give a warm welcome to Stacy Green! What is your book about? Lots of things! Learning about the homeless living in the storm drains beneath the city not only gave me an escape route for my bad guy, but the stark contrast of life beneath and above the city gives the book real depth. And FYI, I hate talking about myself like that, lol.

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I started writing it almost three years ago, and it was mostly created on the fly. Which meant a lot of revising as I learned about story structure and plot points. My next novel is due in March, and I spent much more time plotting it before I started writing. Bits and pieces of them. Loaded question. Nathan is black-haired and blue-eyed, so from a purely physical standpoint, Ian Somerholder pops into my head. Matt Bomer as well.

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I always picture Christina Hendricks when I think of her. My critique partner, Catie Rhodes an amazing writer and my close friend, Kristine.

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I have to pick one? Poisoning, how long a body will last in certain weather, and how to disappear are just a few. I hope you love the book! Both options will get your name into the drawing, which runs from November 5 th until the end of my blog tour on January 30 th. Email Stacy the receipt personal information excluded. No donation is too small!

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Branch Manager Emilie Davis is having a day like any other—until two masked men storm into WestOne Bank demanding cash. As her life closes in on her, she has nowhere to turn but to Nathan. The lines of professionalism blur as Nathan becomes determined to save Emilie. Together they venture into the depths beneath Las Vegas and discover a shocking piece of the puzzle. But the Taker remains one step ahead. Desperate for the threat to emerge from the shadows, Emilie makes a bold move to reclaim her life, and it may cost her everything.

Pain shot through her temple. I wanted to learn everything I could. Understanding the past is the only way to accept who we are as individuals and as a culture. So many lessons from our ancestors can be applied to our own lives, and in some cases, the road ahead has already been paved. We just have to find it.

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Do you understand, Miss Emilie? Her knees ached as she fell to the hardwood floor. He moved in front of her as he spoke, each slow breath magnified by the filter of the black facemask. Our past can affect us forever. A split- second decision can change everything.

She stared into his dark eyes. Framed with thick, black lashes and a smattering of fine wrinkles, they were too beautiful to belong to someone like him. A hand rubbed her back. Emilie summoned her strength and rolled over. She forced herself to open her eyes. Color flooded her vision. Her thick, honey-blond hair flowed around her shoulders like a halo.

Stacy Green is fascinated by the workings of the criminal mind and explores true crime on her popular Thriller Thursday posts at her blog, Turning the Page. After earning her degree in journalism, Stacy worked in advertising before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her miracle child. A big thank you to Stacy!

This blog is the place where I post reviews of the books I have read. I review audiobooks, regular books and eBooks for authors and publishers as well as any other book or audiobook that catches my eye. Fractured fairy tales Do you have specific techniques you use to develop the plot and stay on track? This may take several drafts Are your characters in the book based on anyone you know? The word, forgiveness.

Fun, entertaining, escape Do you have specific techniques you use to develop the plot and stay on track? Not so much killing off a character as actually choosing someone I like to be the killer! Please feel free to contact me with feedback on my stories, a wave, or a hug at jqrose02 at gmail dot com Where can readers find you and your books online? Funny Paranormal Romance Do you have specific techniques you use to develop the plot and stay on track? Biblical conspiracies What projects are you working on now?

You look so much better than you did the other day. What do you mean? I said he was not the guy, not your soul mate. Slowly, she raised her head. Books and Such YA author supporting other authors.

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  5. Stacy Alesi's BookBitch. East of the Sun and West of the. East of the Sun and West of the Moon is a Norwegian folk tale, collected It begins on a dark and stormy night, when a mysterious visitor knocks at With Artificial Intelligence, tiny processors and smart software and systems engineering, many of the objects With Artificial Intelligence, tiny processors and smart software and systems engineering, many of the objects that were imagined by our ancestors as magical can be made for real today.

    This book examines several fairy tales, myths and legends that refer Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. The legendary folklorists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are widely credited with preserving and documenting Europe's The legendary folklorists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are widely credited with preserving and documenting Europe's oral fairy tale tradition. On several extended trips collecting stories in and around Germany, the pair transcribed more than classic folk tales.