Numerical Methods for Equations and its Applications

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In his lecture he explained about the dynamical systems with examples.

Applications of Numerical Methods for PDEs in Science

Classification of dynamical system, Non- linear Partial Differential Equations and the methods of solving them were elucidated. The second invited lecture was given by Dr. Difference between Riemann and Lebesgue integrable functions was explained. Sobolev space, Two point boundary value problem with strong, weak and classical solutions were discussed. The next invited lecture was given by Dr. Scattering phenomenon in water waves and mathematical formulation of the same where linearised.

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Diffraction by a gap in a breakwater , connection between the potentials impermeable partial barriers in deep water problem, wave scattering by porous barriers, scattering by submerged porous barrier were elucidated. Mathematical formulation of Heterogeneity, Homogenization of one space dimension, Cell problem and variational form, projection operator, Galerkin Approximations, Conjugate Gradient method were interpreted.

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Course Outcomes:. Learning Outcomes Students should know all relevant definitions, correct statements of the major theorems including their hypotheses and limitations , and examples and non-examples of the various concepts.

Journal of Integral Equations and Applications

Overview This course is designed to prepare students to solve mathematical models represented by initial or boundary value problems involving partial differential equations that cannot be solved directly using standard mathematical techniques but are amenable to a computational approach. Class Schedule Fall Winter Containing MATH We define general Runge—Kutta approximations for the solution of stochastic differential equations sde.

These approximations are proved to converge in quadratic mean to the solution of an sde with a corrected drift. The explicit form of the correction term is given. This order is attained, e. Sign in Help View Cart.

Numerical Methods for Differential Equations and Applications

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Numerical Methods

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