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I remember these books fondly from my school years and it's nice to see them again. The first is Eliza McQueen Mackay, his mentor's beautiful wife, whom Mark loves with a deep, pure love that can never be spoken. The other is lovely young Caroline Cameron, whose life is blighted by a secret that has tormented her grandparents for half a century—a secret that affects Mark more closely than he imagines.

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Desiring one woman, loved by another, Mark must confront the ghosts of a previous generation, and face the evil smoldering hate, before he can truly call Savannah his home. To See Your Face Again Natalie Browning was a spoiled belle of sixteen when she met the man of her dreams aboard the steamship Pulaski.

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Burke Latimer, only eight years her senior, was a self-made man with no time for a pretty child. Then a night of terror ended the voyage and Burke discovered another Natalie. But the night that brought him love also wreaked disaster on his fortune, and Burke was forced to ask Natalie to wait until he could make a home worthy of her. Life had never denied Natalie before. Her need to be with Burke drove her to follow him to Geogia's back country, hoping to show him she was ready to be his bride.

Could she grow up before she lost the love of her life forever?

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  • Publisher: New York, Warner Books: In the rain forests of Peru, an ancient manuscript has been discovered. Within its pages are 9 key insights into life itself -- insights each human being is predicted to grasp sequentially; one insight, then another, as we move toward a completely spiritual culture on Earth. Drawing on ancient wisdom, it tells you how to make connections among the events happening in your life right now and lets you see what is going to happen to you in the years to come. The story it tells is a gripping one of adventure and discovery, but it is also a guidebook that has the power to crystallize your perceptio Doctors see evidence of a recent birth, but before they can act, Roberts disappears.


    Dispatched to the address she gave at the hospital, police discover bloody towels outside in a Dumpster. Fearing the worst, they call Temperance Brennan to investigate.

    In a run-down apartment Tempe makes a ghastly discovery: the decomposing bodies of three infants. According to the landlord, a woman named Alma Rogers lives there. Then a man shows up looking for Alva Rodrigue By: Remarque, Erich Maria. Publisher: New York, Ballantine Books: Translated from the German by A. Youthful, enthusiastic, they become soldiers.

    But despite what they have learned, they break into pieces under the first bombardment in the trenches. And as horrible war plods on year after year, Paul holds fast to a single vow: to fight against the principles of hate that meaninglessly pits young men of the same generation but different uniforms against each other--if only he can come out of the war alive.

    Publisher: New York, HarperTeen: Ex-Library; Time to gird the loins and pucker up. Blimey O'Reilly's trousers!

    Three maybe-boyfriends is a lot for any girl to handle—red-bottomed or not. What with Robbie the Sex God back from Kiwi-a-gogo land wanting to "get coffee" and whatsit, Masimo the Luuurve God saying things like "Ciao, Georgia, see you later" the good see-you-later or the bad see-you-later?

    Good thing she has the ace gang to keep her sane. But now that she has tearfully eschewed Robbie the Sex God with a firm h Name written on inside front free-endpaper in ink. Otherwise book in great condition! Captivated by a fragile wildlife sanctuary, Mickey will move toward womanhood in the company of a lonely b Publisher: Onterio, Canada, Harlequin Mira: Confused about her troubled marriage, Kendra Taylor needs time to sort out her feelings.

    Retreating to an abandoned cabin left to her husband, Isaac, by the maternal grandmother he never knew, she is quickly welcomed into the rural community of Toms Brook. She soon becomes curious about a beautiful heirloom quilt and the past Isaac has always refused to explore. The unusual By: Richmond, Michelle. Publisher: Bantam Discovery: Life changes in an instant. On a foggy beach. Six-year-old Emma vanished into the thick San Francisco fog. Or into the heaving Pacific.

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    Devastated by guilt, haunted by her fears about becoming a stepmother, Abby refuses to believe that Emma is dead. And so she searches for clues about what happened that morning—and cannot stop the flood of memories reaching fr Name written on inside cover page in ink.

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    In the sequel to Margaret Mitchell's classic novel, the reader returns to Tara, and to the legendary love affair of Scarlett and Rhett. This is a ruthless story of a ship with three lives, sailed by men determined to win revenge, money, and power from the sea. It is a story of intense, tropical passion, expressed both in the desire of a man for a woman and in the conflict of men with each other.


    More, it is the story of the power which hate can attain when it drives coldly toward revenge, and of how, once achieved, that power sucks in all, even those who are themselves possessed of the devil. Sam Rosen, the trader, has come with his inscrutable partner, Ralls, ostensibly to hunt for pearls in the lagoon off the South Sea Islan Publisher: Dell: Nine years after leaving in disgrace, Olivia Morrison is coming home again with her eight-year-old, Sara, to put things right with the Archer clan.

    But there is no welcome for the prodigal daughter at the lavish Louisiana estate. Her stepcousin, Seth, once her only comfort, is icy, dangerously attractive — and engaged. Suicide by drowning, they said.